About us

Our company VIS PROJEKTIRANJE d.o.o. /Ltd./ Zagreb was set up in 2008. The company provides an integrated project implementation service in the range from project management, preparation, planning, design, obtaining the required certificates and permits, expert supervision and site supervision to successful implementation of technical inspection and obtaining the use permit. The company’s core business spans a broad spectrum of construction-related activities: .


For projects entrusted to us we apply our basic principles of utmost professionalism, expertise and accountability for any action taken which requires the absolute commitment from our engineers and their ongoing active involvement in any project implementation. Our business activities are supported by professional liability insurance policies and appropriate bank guarantees. We provide state-of-the-art software solutions and applications for projects assigned to us. Our highly motivated engineers always guarantee rightful representation and commitment in the interests of the project and of the Client, objective treatment of any complicated issues potentially arising in large project implementations. Our associates’ dedication has oftentimes been commended by our Clients.

We have established the ongoing business and technical collaboration with the expert team of project associates which is composed of twenty-odd engineers with whom we have had fruitful cooperation for many years now. Due to our team work, our services are constantly upgraded to comply with the latest requirements of the current technology and modern times. Our clients hire us as consultants to control their projects and to optimize the construction costs. We detect project defects, conduct quality control of project solutions and estimate the actual bills of quantities and value of work done.

Our clients are mainly major private investors who appreciate our approach and due diligence. Our ample experience has been put to use to carry out significant investments made in Croatia by Croatian and foreign investors. Recently we have been particularly engaged on tourism-related projects (hotels, tourist resorts etc.), trying to boost the overall project outcomes and to support our clients in the development of their projects and generation of top-quality products.

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